dash significantly increases the value of its clients' companies by delivering tangible, actionable plans that address fundamental strategic issues. Whether it's facilitating change and innovation, assisting you as your company moves from one stage of its life cycle to another or capitalizing on a new business opportunity, we work with you to craft the appropriate combination of approaches to achieve real results.

  • Strategy.Your company has good bones, but is not getting the traction it should.
  • Innovation. Your organization needs to jump-start a new product or new market.
  • New Business. There is a big idea out there, but it needs structure and a plan.
  • Systems, Structure and Processes. Growth demands a better way of managing your business.
  • Marketing. Your company and products might be stellar, but you're missing the mark on your branding and messaging.
  • Sales. Your sales team may need restructuring or a very large fire lit under it.
  • M&A, Valuations and Exit Strategies. It is time to grow your business through acquisitions or sell to achieve maximum return. Or conversely, you are looking to invest in or acquire an emerging, leading-edge company and need an inside track to reach the CEOs.
  • International. You are interested in cracking the US market but don't know your way around and require assistance in your search for partners, acquisitions or a strategy to enter the market directly.

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